Need a Soil Test Done in Ohio?

Need a Soil Test Done in Ohio?


If this is your first time learning about how beneficial a soil test can be for your garden health and organic gardening journey, welcome to Juniper! Whether this is your first year planting fruits and vegetables, or you're a seasoned gardener with the greenest thumb around, we are so excited you're here and interested in improving your soil! We're here to make this process easy, affordable, and rewarding! If you have any questions along the way, or are ready to schedule your soil analysis, please contact us by call, text, email, or a message on our social media pages!

Step 1: Schedule Your Soil Test

If you are located in Ohio, we'd love to come to you to take a soil sample. Contact us for a quote based on your specific location. We love to meet the gardeners we work with, and see your garden in person! While we're at your property, we'll take a look at your specific gardening situation, your gardening and property interests, as well as any crops we can see based on the time of the year. The soil sample itself will take about 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of your garden. We will collect soil from several spots around your garden, and take it with us to send away to a lab!

Step 2: Lab Results, Analysis, and Recommendations

Once we send your soil away to the lab, it will take about 3 weeks for us to get results back. After we receive these results, our agronomist will take a look at minerals your garden may be lacking or have excess of, and develop a specific plan to achieve balanced soil. This analysis will come to you with recommendations of mineral quantities and products that we suggest adding to your garden to correct any soil imbalances, as well as fertilize your current crops.

Step 3: Purchase and Apply Products

Each product we recommend will come with a price associated with that particular product. These are the prices specific to the exact size of your garden and exactly what you need to correct any soil imbalances you may have. The mineral mix we recommend includes specific amounts of ingredients to correct your soil, nothing more, nothing less. You are not obligated to purchase any of these recommended solutions, but can then contact us with any of the products you would like to use. Your plan will include when to apply specific products, each Spring and Fall, for the next 3 years.

Step 4: Follow Soil Correction Plan

Your soil balancing plan will include what we recommend you apply to your soil in each season of the next 3 years. Soil changes slowly, and we recommend retesting after 3 years to ensure you receive the best plan possible! Throughout those 3 years, as one of our customers, you are able to contact us with any questions you may have, inquire about any additional products you may need, or let us know how your garden is doing with your new, completely natural garden solution!